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Unframed 13"x22" image plus 3" white border on acid free paper suitable for framing, shipped in a tube:
  Framed 20.5"x29", museum grade ultraviolet blocking glass as shown:

"The Legacy"
by artist Paul Steucke



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In addition to the larger lithograph prints, two smaller digital Geclee prints are available from the ariist's studio.  An 8"x13" plus white borders, and a 9"x16" image with white borders, on acid free paper.  Shipping is in a tube.
$175.00 each 


  Artist Comments  


   "The Legacy" portrays the long history of Jews at West Point and commemorates the graduation in 2019 of the 1000th Jewish cadet from the U.S. Military Academy since its founding in 1802.
   The challenge in doing this painting was to portray over fifteen symbols in a pleasing arrangement.  This was accomplished by separating the various elements with the shoulder braid that is worn by soldiers in the Armed Services.
   Jewish cadets were at West Point at the beginning in 1802.  Their presence has grown and they will be there in the future.  At the right sided of the painting we see the exterior and interior of the multi-denominational Old Cadet Chapel where Jewish cadets worshipped in the 1800's.
   At the left we see the exterior and interior of the West Point Jewish Chapel built in 1984.  At the heart of the painting is the "Long Gray Line" of Jewish cadets in Dress Gray uniforms marching from the past throught the present into the future.  Toward the rear of the line on the right we see the "ghostly assemblage" of the earliest Jewish graduates in original uniforms.  The lone cadet at the back of the formation represents Simon Levy, the first Jewish graduate in 1802.  The background for the marchers is the view of the Hudson River from Trophy Point.
   At the top center of the Choir we see a cadet sounding the shofar, which has provided the clarion call to war as exemplified in Jewish history by Joshua at the Walls of Jerico as well as the sanctification of God's name on the Jewish High Holidays each year.
   To the left of the Choir we see the powerful symbol of the Star of David, or in Hebrew, Magen David, which is the symbol of modern Jewish identity and Judaism.
   Above the marching cadets we see the motto of the U.S. Military Academy - Duty, Honor, Country - in both English and Hebrew.
   The banner at the bottom of the painting commemorates the graduates continued presence throught the 1000 graduates and beyond.

   It has been an honor and privilege to portray the Jewish cadets at West Point.

   Sincerely, Paul Steucke Sr.





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