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2024 Alaska Art Show
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      Welcome to the 2004 show and sale of Paul Steucke's Alaska artwork. All artwork has been created for this one time show. A few pieces have been created from some of his previous material but are not exact copies. All artwork is framed. All artwork is signed by the artist. Shipping will be arranged by the gallery.


It has been over 30 years since Paul has lived and painted in Alaska. During this absence he has increased his reputation as a recognized national artist. His books, "The Artwork of Paul Steucke" volume one and two, are available from Amazon.com         

He has participated in numerous art shows. His biography is available upon request. The 25 pieces of artwork available in this show are listed here.

Haida/Tlingit Dancer Allsworth Milk Man Cook Inlet Fishermen
30" x 40" enhanced giclee  8" x 10" acrylic  15" x 20" acrylic 
Denali Heading Home Kiana
 18" x 36" acrylic  24" x 36" acrylic  8" x 10" acrylic 
Lake Lucile Mt Redoubt Geese Fisherman's Wife
20 x 30 acrylic  16" x 20" silk screen  12" x 24" acrylic 
Puffin, St. Paul Island Raven Totem Sarah
8" x 10" acrylic  24" x 30" acrylic  18" x 36" acrylic 
Ski Alaska Spirit Dancer Through the Range
16 x 20 silk screen  15" x 30" acrylic  15" x 30" acrylic 
Heading Out Pioneer Barn Silver Anniversary
20 x 30 acrylic  24" x 38" acrylic  24" x 30" silk screen 
Running with the Wind
Prince William Sound
Cantwell Caribou Artic Seal Hunters
36 x 40 acrylic  15" x 30" acrylic  26" x 36" acrylic triptic 
Storyteller Mary Eskimo Mother Mush
24 x 36 emhanced giclee  24 x 36 emhanced giclee   15" x 30" acrylic 
  Wash Day  
  22" x 18" acrylic   

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