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  The Artwork of Paul Steucke 

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A beautiful new 122 page book displaying the artwork of Paul Steucke is now available from Amazon.com.  The book, available in soft or hard cover, displays in full color the artist’s exceptional artistic talents, and includes a description of how to create art along with a brief history of how the artist started painting as a young man. 

Nationally recognized artist Byron Birdsall in reviewing the images said, “When I look at what Paul Steucke has achieved, brush in hand, I am humbled. His virtuosity, his choice of subjects, his sense of composition, and his use of color, place him among the highest ranks of artists I have known. It is with unqualified pleasure that I recommend this book.”

Gallery owner and art appraiser, Jinx Whitaker  said, “Steucke’ s originals take hold of you because they are able to capture the spirit of life, caught in a moment, and presented in such a manner that they will live with you forever.”






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