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A memoir based on handwritten documents, newspaper articles, family interviews and personal history.  An entertaining account of growing up in Northern Virginia.

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(ISBN #0977910806)
    Burbia Boy
By Paul Steucke Sr.



"Paul Steucke has written an engaging memoir that neatly captures the spirit of the teen culture that emerged in America following World War II when the naughty drug of choice was beer.  He documents the almost breathtaking rise of Virginia's D.C. suburbs in that epoch and notes how his own parents coped with the transition form Depression-era paucity to Eisenhower-era abundance.

Along the way, he evokes the period's rock-n'-roll sock hops, its car culture, and daily life in the region's racially segregated public schools.  If you like the films Rebel without a Cause and American Graffiti, you'll love this volume."

  -Douglas Foard: PhD in History: author of The Revolt of the Aesthetes,
   The Franklin Connection, Poet on Ice:  Dioniso Ridrujo,
and The Forgotten Falangist;
Berryville, Virginia

  "This book is about personal growth as seen from Steucke's view as a young boy in New York and expanding to his teen and college years in northern Virginia.  It is intriguing and gently flowing, detailed and impeccably honest, including his mistakes in perceptions and actions, which are common to us all.  The dedicatory may the most revealing insight into this talented author.  I enjoyed this and look forward to his future work."

  -Ken Smith: retired Civil Rights Officer for the Federal Aviation Administration; Anchorage,
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